Westmoreland Emergency Medicine Specialists, PC



WEMS is a local, democratic, physician owned group delivering care across all three Excela Health Emergency Departments for the past 30 years

“You got the best job”, is what my favorite residency attending told me. Now I truly know why.  I work for a truly democratic group where everyone’s input matters.  We work for ourselves and benefit directly for the work we do.  We all feel busy is a good problem to have but still know the value of time away from work and strive to maximize it.  We have had a stable hospital contract since some of our partners started grade school.  

This isn’t a fairy tale, it really is my job. 

– Heather Walker MD FACEP

Our Sites:

Westmoreland Hospital, 532 W. Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa 15601
Latrobe Hospital, 1 Mellon way, Latrobe, Pa 15650
Frick Hospital, 508 South Church St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa 15666
  • What is the practice like?
    • A commitment to provide efficient high quality emergency care in a pleasant work environment
    • Less than 15 minute wait times all sites
    • Scribes at all sites to complete your Cerner FirstNet EMR.  You are not a data input tech !
    • Staffing to average 1.8-2.0 patients per hour
    • PAs or CRNPs at all sites
    • 24-hour in-house radiology systemwide with real time readings
    • ACEP Accredited ED Ultrasound Program. First in Pennsylvania!  On site ED US live model labs twice yearly !
    • 24-hour Intensivist at Westmoreland site and 12-hour Intensivist at Latrobe with APP at night
    • Cardiac cath lab at Westmoreland site
    • A variety of practice settings in the system:
      Latrobe ED Entrance


      • Frick Hospital – 24,000 visits – 12% admission rate
      • Latrobe Hospital – 32,000 visits – 20% admission rate
      • Westmoreland Hospital – 55,000 visits – 24% admission rate
    • Goldilocks EM Practice – not to big, not too small, you know the rest….
      • No need for name tags at our meetings
    • No monthly “support checks” to the home office….
      • We earn it, we keep it !
    • It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you don’t have time off to spend it.
    • We truly embrace a work-life balance.
  • Where are we?
    • Choose your lifestyle.  Our doctors live in vibrant Pittsburgh neighborhoods, suburban communities, small towns and even on working farms.
    • Excellent public and private schools, dozens of colleges and universities close by, including a medical school and PA school in Greensburg.
    • 30-minutes to Steelers, Penguins and Pirates games.
    • Abundant local cultural and historic amenities.
    • Almost walking distance to hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, climbing, white water rafting, downhill and cross country skiing, abundant golf.  You can even golf and fly planes where Arnold Palmer learned.

For your convenience…

Our most common questions about WEMS are answered right here.

Q:   Do you write admission orders?

A:   No.

Q:  Do you have an observation unit?

A:  Yes, we have Emergency Transition Units (ETU) at all 3 sites and manage select observation patients there according to our own care pathways.

Q:  Do you have any responsibilities on in-patients?

A:  Yes.  At Frick and Latrobe we respond to cardiac arrests and we provide airway interventions on acutely decompensating patients.  The patient’s in-patient physician also responds and takes over the care post resuscitation.  This averages about one in-patient response per week at both Latrobe and Frick.

Q: What kind of malpractice insurance to you carry?

A:  We have hybrid claims-made coverage.  Each new physician simply takes the slot of a departing physician.  Therefore tail coverage is not required if you leave WEMS.  If there is ever the need for tail coverage, the cost would be covered by WEMS.

Q:  Do you have residents in the ED?

A:  Yes.  At Latrobe Hospital we have a well established Family Medicine program.  Those residents rotate through the ED at Latrobe on a limited basis.

Q:  What about trauma?

A:  We are 20-40 minutes by ground from three Adult Level 1 Trauma Centers, a Pediatric Trauma Center and a Level 2 Trauma Center.  We provide initial stabilization and interventions and transfer by ground or air.

Q:  What about night shifts?

A:  We are lucky enough to have several physicians who are “nocturnists”.  Most of our non-nocturnists work at most 1-2 night shifts per month.  By the way, our night shifts are 6-hours long.

Q:  If I join WEMS, which site will I work in?

A:  We do not assign our physicians or advanced practice providers to any particular site.  Most tend to have a primary site and a secondary site with about 80:20 split.  But, some work at all 3 sites.

Q:  Do you have a lot of turnover in WEMS?

A:  Not really.  Most of those who leave WEMS are retiring or leaving the area for family reasons.

Q:  Which mega-group or health system employs you?

A:  None.  WEMS is an independent group providing services at our hospitals since 1987.  We are wholly owned by the physicians in our group.

Q:  Can you tell me about Excela Health.

A:  We wouldn’t stay here if we didn’t believe in the health system.

Click here for more info: Information about Excela Health.

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WEMS Careers

Our Administrative Offices can be reached by phone during normal business hours at 724-832-4626. Voice mail is available as well.  We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in hearing more about a career with WEMS as a Physician Owner, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, please provide the information below:images